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<Anon7630> eve online is a great game
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> So from what you have typed so far narc, you are a paedophile, into bestiality with dolphins, and necrophilia with exploded corpses. Correct?
* Narc makes dolphin noises at Omberzombie
<Anon7630> i like but im only going to play the trial preview cuz
<Narc> nooo?
<Anon7630> i wish there was more intereactivity with players
<Anon7630> like 3d avatars and all you know?
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> anon - a/s/l?
<Anon7630> 23 m sc
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> (you wanted interactivity)
<Narc> and do you like dolphins?
<OmberZombie|vote4meh> lmao
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