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Hanns > are you gay if you like some of funeral for a friends songs?
HippoKing > no, i like some of their songs too
Spartan239 > dont think so
Hanns > ok im not gay then
MAXSuicide > yes.
Hanns > or emo?
MAXSuicide > because everyone else said no.
HippoKing > but i wouldn't mention it in public with ppl who see me in real life :P
Spartan239 > not emo either
Leno > fuck im hungry
Hanns > there an emo band tho aint thet
Spartan239 > eat your foot
Leno > need to go get food, but got a hauler spawn so wanna finish hauling it :?
HippoKing > yes, theyre emo
Spartan239 > linkin park are scarly emo
MAXSuicide > leno when u coming back to cf...
MAXSuicide > for another holiday
HippoKing > f4af are emo as hell
Tank CEO > i like the song
Tank CEO > nobody's listening
HippoKing > but they still have some good songs
?HippoKing >
Tank CEO > by linkin park
Tank CEO > good song
Spartan239 > thats not that emo tho
Hanns > if i dont dress metal, emo or goth, and i listen to slayer alot, is there somthign wrong with me
HippoKing > try DLing some of that
Spartan239 > crawlin and breaking the habit are exceptinly emo
Kayosoni > linkin park = emo
MAXSuicide > i like DJ Sammy.
Kayosoni > they have good tunes
Leno > hey i know how i can piss ppl off in this channal
Kayosoni > but their lyrics are fucking gay
Leno > by saying: I DONT LIKE SYSTEM OF A DOWN!
Kayosoni > ugh
Kayosoni > I hate soad
MAXSuicide > i dont like any of that kind of music
HippoKing > i liked system of a down a lot.... when i was 12
Hanns > SOAD are OK
Wuubaa > YOUR ALL EMO!
HippoKing > but i got better
Spartan239 > PRODIGY FTW
MAXSuicide > I like The game
MAXSuicide > who else lieks the game
HippoKing > prodigy are cool
Leno > too many ppl in eve are like, soad is the shit omg omg omg
MAXSuicide > what about twista?
Spartan239 > max just fook off
Hanns > i prefer shit like Pantera and Slayer
Hanns > Prodigy are the shit
Hanns > i have every album
Wuubaa > goth fag hanns
fairimear > we all <3 placebo
?Spartan239 > breaking benjamin&gt;all
HippoKing > nt too fond of the game, don't like twista, but i'll admit, he goes really fucking fast
MAXSuicide > well when i need advice on how to cut my wrists ill come to this channel
Leno > breaking benjamin is good
Hanns > im not goth
Hanns > i juts have a wide taste in music
HippoKing > don't that wuubaa, theyll start crying :P
fairimear > wuubaa u a chav then?
Spartan239 > stop litning to adams song you arse fuckers
Leno > lol
MAXSuicide > Tupac
MAXSuicide > u like tupac hippo?
Kayosoni > I like trance :/
Leno > wait i think i have that on my itunes actualy...
Hanns > Wuubaa listens to HelterSkelter in a banged up 1990 Vauxhall Nova
MAXSuicide > omg i like same music kayo likes
HippoKing > i don't listen to much of that stuff tbh
MAXSuicide > kill me now.
HippoKing > but i have a few songs
HippoKing > i have a lot of most musichj - got pretty wide tastes
MAXSuicide > i thought trance was pretty good till kayo said he likes it
Hairtrigger > skelter early 90 4tw
HippoKing > i have cry me river by justin timberlake on atm :P
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