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Bunt Caboon > hey svarra
Bunt Caboon > so what up svarra?
Bunt Caboon > how is it going?
Bunt Caboon > enjoyiny the game so far?
Svarra > yeah, loving it so far
Svarra > it's a little too addictive :)
Bunt Caboon > how come you chose suck a new corp to join?
Bunt Caboon > ^such
Bunt Caboon > did the ceo offer you as much gold as you could eat
Bunt Caboon > house by the forum
Svarra > the corp i'm in' has two blokes in at apart from me, and they never seem to be on at the same time :D
Chekin > My god, that screams ALT to me
El'rac > so.. you liked ytour chances at promotion?
El'rac > or you needed a break from your other persona perhaps?
Svarra > heh, i only joined it so he could help me escape a griefer who'd i'd riled
Bunt Caboon > in the 5 days you had been playing
Bunt Caboon > good lad
Chekin > his name wasn;t Bunt was it?
Svarra > yeah, nice feller, called cypherous, loomed out the gloom and slowly smashed up the probe i was driving
Chekin > Slowly? Must have been n a probe himself
El'rac > so what drew you to RNAL?
Svarra > no, he seemed to enjoy holding me so I couldn;y escape and setting his rubbish combat drones on me
Svarra > the advertising, laid back mature gamers, sounds good
Bunt Caboon > did you enjoy it too?
El'rac > did someone advertise recently? I didnt
Svarra > I enjoyed baiting him over the chat channel whilst he was doing it :D
Bunt Caboon > we aren't gay you know
Bunt Caboon > well, not all of us
Svarra > well, 58 in the guild, what is it 1 in 20 homosexual, law of averages and all that ;)
Chekin > Ao if you brought a friend in that'd bring us up to quota?
Svarra > you seem to be well above the quota at the moment from what i've seen
Chekin > yeah, we have well over 19 heteros per 20 here
Svarra > i smell testosterone, or is it bullshit?
El'rac > (smells a rat)
Chekin > And I smell bullshit, but not from here. So we must have the testosterone, you must have the bullshit.
Bunt Caboon > anyway, shut up svarra, where was my corp when i was getting twatted
El'rac > And thats the end of the lightning round
Svarra > i was having my olfactory senses bombarded, anyone else?
Chekin > wash then
Bunt Caboon > 4% hull and still wandered away
Valantis > carp didnt see local blinking
Valantis > crap even
Chekin > my trout didn;t see local blinking either
Katrynna Zain > lol
Valantis > lol
Bunt Caboon > shall we kick svarra or keep insulting him?
Bunt Caboon > is this corp or rnal???
Valantis > kick him reading his bullshit is getting me shot
Bunt Caboon > same here
Edgar Druin > rnal
Edgar Druin > corp's the other one
Chekin > D'Oh!
Bunt Caboon > bugger
Edgar Druin > who, though. that's always the question
Chekin > /emote sings "you gotta go now..."
El'rac > hey hey.... goodbye
El'rac > nah nah nah.. nah nah nah
Edgar Druin > aw
Katrynna Zain > lol
Bunt Caboon > i didn't even kick him
Chekin > love it
El'rac > and thats how you handle alts
Bunt Caboon > he just buggered fight off
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