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ruro > i would mine, but everytime i mine, a little piece of soul is sucked out, i have to conserve what little i have
Gerome Doutrande > aww
Gerome Doutrande > poor ruro
BioNeb > hehe ruro
ruro > you see, everytime you mine, the soul sucking boringness gets you.
Therax > make that up by podding, lots and lots of podding
Therax > its like fairies, everytime you mine you kill a fairy
Therax > DO you want that on your moral slate?!
ruro > and everytime you pod someone, you release a new fairy.
ruro > i like it.
Therax > exactly
ruro > what if i just clone jumps lots =P
Therax > You get a lot of hunchback fairies
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