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JGR Mao > k, when you goin to africa ?
Kin Oreyn > not sure yet, probably about a month
JGR Mao > k
JGR Mao > How long will you be gone ?
Kin Oreyn > heh, ehmm a year...
JGR Mao > eh
Kin Oreyn > but I'll have internet there
JGR Mao > he
JGR Mao > Ahh
JGR Mao > phew
JGR Mao > :)
Kin Oreyn > it probably wont be broadband, but I think I'll manage
JGR Mao > lets hope so
Budman17r > you could splice 50 dialups together
Budman17r > wire the modems together
Budman17r > and then you would have broadband :)
Kin Oreyn > weeeee sounds fun
Budman17r > and it could cook marshmellows
Budman17r > Broadband, and marshmellow cooker
Budman17r > dual uses
JGR Mao > maybe youll end up on a jungle drum relay or sumfin
Budman17r > lol,
Kin Oreyn > rofl
JGR Mao > Boink boink , boin, boink tak = left mouse click
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