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Horus Kol > what speed do you guys have out to the real wordl - i just upgraded to 2Mb
Azia Burgi > same
Azia Burgi > ntl here
Horus Kol > yeah - ntl
Ieya > 512K :(
Azia Burgi > lol! look how inadequate ieya is!
Horus Kol > had some problems with them when i moved in though - couldn't get my telly sorted out
Azia Burgi > ;P
Horus Kol > its not the bandwidth... its what you do with it...
Ieya > gah!
Ieya > lol
* Azia Burgi giggles
Horus Kol > oh... wait... you can't do a lot with it, really :P
Azia Burgi > lol
Horus Kol > now - i'm going to regret saying this... but Ieya - you need a bigger pipe
* Azia Burgi dies laughing
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