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Malaki Obero > 2006.02.26 17:13:26 Guristas Imputor hits you, doing 0.0 damage.
Malaki Obero > lol
Elethe > lol
Malaki Obero > oh no... i'll never survive that
Elethe > you're doomed!
Nocturnal Prince > if you where a Gallente you would have surrendered by now
Malaki Obero > lmao
Elethe > If you were Minmatar you'd have shot off your own foot and ejected by now
ShamTu > brb on me last alt
Malaki Obero > 6 torps might have been overkill
Nocturnal Prince > ejected? oh, you mean jumped out of a door making a 'whoosh' noise so people think they have an ejector system
Elethe > rofl well, strapping themselves to a missile and screaming "Aiiialalalalala"
Nocturnal Prince > hmm, it seems you are familier with Minm inteceptors
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