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0m3ga > im doing a lvl 4 guristas spys mission
0m3ga > and i mess up a bit and end up with 2 groups on me
0m3ga > and im tanking away these 4-5 bs thinking "hmmm this is a bit tricky i knew lvl 4s were hard but this is a bit too hard for my liking... hoovering at 33% shields kinda thing, just managing to keep my booster running by my 2 heavy nos
0m3ga > finish the double grup... take out the final spys group.. thne think , ah ill recharge my caps now im safe ill turn off my booster and hardeners....
bumcheekcity > LOL
0m3ga > and low and beyhold... what wasnt turned on for any of the time?
0m3ga > my hardeners
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