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Ma Talune > OMG.. Imagine a man famius in Denmark as a guy the is better special forces stuff than teh splinter Cell guy on drugs would be in Real Life... I mean really proffesional... he has gotten the highst hour by some a 3 stared amerikan general anybody could get i and that in public which specops guys EVER do... the guy INDVETED high altitude parahute jumping and did major parts of build the danish counter terrorist military units in Denmark...
Ma Talune > now imagine this guy takeing a guy that have done shows for kids every day of his adult life (like 20 years) on a trip down thought Afrika..... Ohh My Gooood...
Ma Talune > ...I really wish you guys knew danish this is fucking mania
EverBlack > ...
EverBlack > lol
Belize > Hello guys
Ma Talune > I mean take sam fisher, the entire rainbow six team, rambo, and combine them.. and then take the softes man on earth..
[Bezile logs on - another danish guy] EverBlack > lol
Ma Talune > Belize.... describe BS Christansian...
Belize > Er det Bubber og BS Christiansen?
Ma Talune > yeah...
Belize > BS Christiansen.... cannot be described
Ma Talune > there is even a famed blue seacow that has a show where the line I love BS and BS is god is a big part of it..
Ma Talune > (yeah this is danish humor.. like the best in the world.. only ours seems to be high on something VERY strong...)
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