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Techyon > BL could you handle my Harpy order @ agil ?
Jade chan > BLacklight do you have time for a convo ?
Tamora > someone link me up to that eve ec- vid by rob
steve shaw > bl can i lick ur ears?
Tamora > bl can you pass the remote mate
Easy Target > BL can i have a cookie?
Caybn E'vangel > bl put some coffee on would ya?
Xune > BL i want a child from you
AvanCade > bl can i have ur nightmare
steve shaw > bl how do i fit my shuttle?
Tamora > oh - btw BL can you get a paper whilst your up?
Caybn E'vangel > stillwaiting on that coffee bl
Rovol > BL - tea milk and 2 plz
Tamora > bl are we there yet
steve shaw > bl can i take rohanns' isk
Caybn E'vangel > bl will you tell me a story
AvanCade > lmao
Tamora > bl are we there yet?>
Xune > poor bl
AvanCade > his afk
oDDiTy V2 > bl im hungry
Xune > Bl its raining here... do somthing against it
steve shaw > wats dest bl
DarkXeRoX > bl tomorrow is my first time im gonna use my interdictor in gangs, are u gonna slap me if i accendently hit the warpbubble button and bubble up the whole gang in a 8:1 outnumbered fight ?
steve shaw > bl are we jumpin in?
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