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Sanka Cofie > i'd like to study your case...if you know what i'm talking about.
Sanka Cofie > and i think you know...
Tityana > lol
Sanka Cofie > what i'm talking about...
Tityana > shit
Sanka Cofie > i'm talking about doing you in the bum
Tityana > stressful then
Tityana > stfu nick u homo
Sanka Cofie > ok not the bum. but atleast grabbing a handful.
TreXXON Junior > yup but i needed to play eve so i started another account
Sanka Cofie > i'm rude. women find that attractive.
Tityana > lol
TreXXON Junior > well when you fall into a heap of money you got to spend it somewhere
TreXXON Junior > i have not haad to work in 2 months
Sanka Cofie > i'd like that. the world cup is in 37 days and i'm damned temped to take the month of June off.
Sanka Cofie > send me some money.
Sanka Cofie > $2000.00 ought to do me.
TreXXON Junior > so you can buy a ticket to england to get titys bum right
Itachi XIII > sounds like a worthwhile cause tbh
Itachi XIII > on the other hand ofc ud encourage stalking >_>
Sanka Cofie > no no. just so I can sit home and watch the games on my HDTV instead of letting the damned thing go to waste... seeing as its the only sport I watch.
Sanka Cofie > and of course... afford eVe... and y'know.... food.
Sanka Cofie > I place a high premium on food.
Itachi XIII > the basics of life, food and eve
Itachi XIII > fair enough
Sanka Cofie > and titys bum.
Sanka Cofie > we need to recruit a nice girl with excellent boobs and name her character bumyana. that way we can talk about titties bum and bums titties.
Sanka Cofie > and of course... my dashing good looks.
Itachi XIII > loool
Sanka Cofie > so.... do you think ramming in a thorax would be an acceptable way to keep someone from warping... and how long do you think it work against a frigate.
Sanka Cofie > w/o a MWD equipped. think I could do it?
Tityana > lmao
Itachi XIII > less talk about game stuff and more talk about bums :F
Sanka Cofie > indeed.
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