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Mrs Rathama > WTF
Mrs Rathama > you fucking killed me?
Tank CEO > yes
Mrs Rathama > why
Tank CEO > cause i hate minmatars
Mrs Rathama > so?
Mrs Rathama > I was trying to get to a fucking station you ass
Mrs Rathama > and eve locked up on me
Mrs Rathama > your a jack ass
Tank CEO > like i care?
Mrs Rathama > when my b/f gets here you might just die
Tank CEO > o rly ur b/f... im soooo scared
Mrs Rathama > and when other members of ARROW get on and the members of the Goon Squad get on your going to die
Tank CEO > u just wait till my g/f gets on, she will kick ur bf's ass
Mrs Rathama > I'd like to see her take on several battleships of pvp harded players
Tank CEO > o rly, can ur several battleships take on a carrier?
Tank CEO > because thats what i just killed u with
Mrs Rathama > then your a chicken shit
Mrs Rathama > if you had to use a carrier to kill a frigate
Tank CEO > anytime ur members wanna 1v1 me, or ur bf... let me know
Tank CEO > bye sweety pie
Tank CEO > kiss kiss
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