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sereta > let's roleplay, i'll be the husband and you can be the wife
sereta > make me a samich!
Oriy > can i be the man on the side that the wife is having an affair with?
sereta > have you started the raid yet manny?
Wierd Beard > Blah blah blah. You don't make enough money. Brad my old boyfriend is a doctor
Oriy > im brad and were fucking
Wierd Beard > Oh you want a threesome? Let's call Brad
Oriy > yes yes im here yes?
Oriy > lol
sereta > shut up, what in the hell are you doing out of the kitchen anyways?
Wierd Beard > So, my girlfriends bought me this strap on. You like the internet right?
Skoda Zek > nooooooooo... no strap ons.. no no no no no
Skoda Zek > ky jelly ok, dildos and strap ons noooooooooo
Wierd Beard > Kitchen? Thats a four letter word in my family. You're supposed to be taking care of me, like the princess that I am!
Wierd Beard > WAAAAH! I'm calling mother!
sereta > do you prefer them to vibrate then skoda?
Wierd Beard > Brad is taking me out to dinner. If you don't like it, lump it. :P
Skoda Zek > Saving that quote wb "Weird Beard > You're supposed to be taking care of me, like the princess that i am!" your never going to live that one down
Wierd Beard > We're "just friends"
sereta > it's ok, i'm porkin your sister
Wierd Beard > oh god...OMGRAWR here I come
sereta > and your mother......
sereta > and your grandmother.....
sereta > and your 2 gay uncles
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