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Leon 026 > lol, took that crusader into hull in 3 volleys
Revan Neferis > lol
Tetsukai > Poor little crusader, just a little ship trying to get by in a big ship world.
Leon 026 > but im in a crow :(
Tetsukai > Yeah, but a crow is useful. Big difference.
Revan Neferis > come on Tet, you love intys
Tetsukai > Yes I do.
Tetsukai > I love them so much, it's kind of creepy.
Revan Neferis > :)
Leon 026 > I dont fly anything other than crows
Tetsukai > Though know I rub my naughty parts on Flycatchers.
Tetsukai > Which are like Interceptors on steroids with rabies.
Leon 026 > crow is cooler :)
Leon 026 > mmmm external rocket pods and that sleek design
Sydious > with toothpick cockpit
Leon 026 > with a badass orange-colored canopy
Tetsukai > And cheers to the Caldari for finally having the balls to make black ships.
Revan Neferis > lol
Leon 026 > the crow is sex. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
Tetsukai > Yes it is.
Tetsukai > But the Flycatcher is monkey sex with twelve supermodels.
Leon 026 > haha
Leon 026 > not sure i'd fly one
Tetsukai > It would be fifteen supermodels, but Flycatcher is such a terrible name that some of the honeys ain't havin' it, as the kids say.
Leon 026 > haha
Leon 026 > its a pimp ride though
Leon 026 > but the crow.... the pure agility on this thing.... *drools*
Tetsukai > Yeah, she moves well.
Leon 026 > and dances like she's on ecstasy
Revan Neferis > hummm that was hot
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