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Dekiri > i think its actually entertaining
Dekiri > + they drop nice loot
O Thief > well you'll have to stop losing so many HAC's and T2 BS's from your alliance if this war is going to get you anywhere
WarGod > ok
WarGod > then be happy the war ent endin
Baihuigau > I like cookies
Dekiri > i prefer waffles
Baihuigau > chocolate ones are the best umm
Baihuigau > pancakes are also good
Baihuigau > think wargod wants some cookies, he sounds a bit stressed today
Dekiri > i suggest milk
Dekiri > it usually helps when stressed and its healthy
Baihuigau > umm milk and cookies thats a good idea
WarGod > :o
WarGod > milk and cookies... now theres an idea
ISliverI > now thats some lame smack talk :)
Baihuigau > we should be able to push a button in eve and get food fedexed to our enemies
Dekiri > did you ever notice the awsomeness of milk when you ate chocolate?
Baihuigau > its no smack were just lightening the mood ^ ^
Trebor Slater > nope?
Trebor Slater > Milk and chocolate?
O Thief > It works very well
O Thief > especially if the milk is cold
Trebor Slater > What do u do?
Dekiri > the idea is
Dekiri > that the chocolate leave a very strong taste in your mouth
Dekiri > and you can almsot completly whipe it out with the milk
Dekiri > and then eat more chocolate
Dekiri > its like sauna
Dekiri > or hot and cold showers
Trebor Slater > Right, k so I eat the chocolate and then drink milk
Butter Dog > yes
Dekiri > yea
Trebor Slater > then eat chocolate again
Dekiri > and then eat chocolate again
Trebor Slater > I will try that
Dekiri > right
Butter Dog > chocoalte warm ish, milk cold
Dekiri > works with cookies also
Dekiri > aye
Dekiri > bd got it right
Butter Dog > the cold milk changes the texture of the chocolate
Butter Dog > its rather nice if i do say so myself
Trebor Slater > lol. Definately trying that later
WarGod > u never tryed it?
Dekiri > see?
O Thief > very addcitive though
Dekiri > come to EC.-P
Dekiri > you get education !
Trebor Slater > lol
Dekiri > knowledge we spead!
Trebor Slater > Cool
Dekiri > spread
O Thief > and before you know it you've drunk a 4 litres of milk and 3 kilos of chocolate
Dekiri > that only works for fat people
Dekiri > i would explode after 1 litre
Baihuigau > fast metabolism ftw
Dekiri > being fat ftw
O Thief > ugh
Dekiri > since you probably can pack more chocolate
Dekiri > and extend the pleasure
Baihuigau > lol
Trebor Slater > lol
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