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Dearnen > Hey! I turned 32 an hour ago. My how the time flies... Ugh, I feel old.
Michaelchi > hehe
Tsung XL > dearnen's really 12, but dont tell anyone ;-)
Dearnen > I need a woman.
Frellin > Ok, Dearnen. Time to sleep it off
Tsung XL > join the club
Dearnen > I mean, since we can't reach the crokite...
Jeremor Dianrius > Go get married already! =)
Tsung XL > lol
Dearnen > I tried, man! She said no. I knew I should have found out her name...
Poundrock > happy birthday!!!
Dearnen > Thank you
Tsung XL > dearnen, did you try using the strip miner on her?
Kazoki Zocore > .me giggles
Annika Paige > Happy Birthday Dearnen
Dearnen > No, I didn't get anywhere near the asteroid belt.
Dearnen > I wasn't in the same system, to be honest.
Jeremor Dianrius > Not even the outer belts?
Jeremor Dianrius > Damn.
Tsung XL > she put the bubble up?
Tsung XL > near the gate, to keep u from getting into her belts?
Jeremor Dianrius > Maybe she had a friend with an interdictor.
Kazoki Zocore > /emote finds this oddly disturbing
Dearnen > She bubbled the whole constellation.
Jeremor Dianrius > You see it all the time.
Dearnen > The heavenly body was enticing, but there was no access.
Dearnen > The gate was closed and locked.
Jeremor Dianrius > Sounds like you need a Jumpdrive.
Annika Paige > Hey just be happy she didn't warp scramble you =)
Dearnen > Well, I wanted to set up a cynosaurial field...
Annika Paige > sounds like you have the herp lol
Tsung XL > and this kids *points up* is why we're playing eve on a saturday night
Jeremor Dianrius > Meh, I was out earlier. =)
Dearnen > I guess I'll keep the Brutix in station until the next time for some PvP arises.
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