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<@Viceroy> that blog is new!
<@cairnz> current issues & the inbox monster
<@cairnz> reported by Oveur | 2006.08.30 20:07:26
<spiralJunkie> THREE DAYS Viceroy
<@Viceroy> thats new where i come from
<spiralJunkie> if you cant be on the bleeding edge of devblogs, you must renounce your ops
<@Viceroy> my ops will be picked from my dead body by whoever is great enough to defeat me
<@Viceroy> thus is the rule of succession in #eve-online
<&NTRabbit> VICEROY versus...
* QGazQ has joined #eve-online
<Blackhawk177> 10 on Vice
* @Viceroy draws his banstick
<MaZ-> 10 on spiral
<MaZ-> dont let me down
<spiralJunkie> T" or T! rules?
<&NTRabbit> Viceroy selects Banstick
<&NTRabbit> spiralJunkie, choose your weapon
<spiralJunkie> T1 or T2 even
* spiralJunkie selects Temporaray Internet Fame
* @Viceroy strikes
* Viceroy sets mode: +b *!*
* @Viceroy triumphs
<&NTRabbit> spiralJunkie has been defeated
<MaZ-> fuck
* Viceroy sets mode: -b *!*
<&NTRabbit> Viceroy retains ops
* MaZ- hands over 10 isk
<spiralJunkie> sorry MaZ-
<spiralJunkie> i let you down
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