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Gosupia > Evill
Gosupia > I've seen u so many times
Gosupia > r u al u do is be ass in local omg
Sartek > <br><br>he famous :)
Gosupia > plz go get life
Evill McDeath > zomg! A nubkins insulting me in local in a horrible way!!
Gosupia > ur just evil
Evill McDeath > That's true
Kebabstrom > learn how to speak
Evill McDeath > I try to live up to my name
Geeves Dularc > calvert dont tell me you waiting in statino just for me to undock
Evill McDeath > Yeah!...Intraweb sp34k is geyh tbh lol
Kebabstrom > it wasn't even intraweb
Kebabstrom > it was like
Gosupia > kekekek bur, Evill ...
Gosupia > Typpi typpi rass
Kebabstrom > 'i'm a 5-year-old with no grammar'speak
Gosupia > lol rly wy u say that kebebstrom nub
Gosupia > u wana fight me lolol?
Evill McDeath > I lol'd so hard that i kek'd!!! gagagagag!!!
Gosupia > I can almost visualize it. Ah, the exquisite art of lol'ing hard.
Evill McDeath > It tests one's artistic abilities tbh!
Gosupia > tbh ffs kek
Evill McDeath > bur
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