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Tamora > me. i still got the 5k isk i started with. everything i own is stolen. ive not mined/npced EVER
Tamora > thats how hardcore i am.
DarkXeRoX > cough cough
Tamora > <3
Ria Sotori > soooo
OzaLoni > cough*BULLSHIT*COUGH
Ria Sotori > you got all your isk from ghey cyber ?
Tamora > haha. yknow what? i pretended to be a girl on the 'post your pic' thing on the eve-o forums.
Tamora > i posted a pic of a 50/50 looking bird.
Tamora > and got a convo from a **************** guy
Tamora > he must have been 15 or something. anyway 100mill and 1 apoc later.... i was like IM A FUCKING GUY HAHAHAH
OzaLoni > martin mckena?
Z'kario > oh fuck
Tamora > owned.
Mi Sohorny > lol
Ria Sotori > guys are ridiculously horny that play mmorpgs
Tamora > yeah. look at oza.
Mi Sohorny > yup yup
Tamora > hes a walking organ
Ria Sotori > and rohann
Tamora > yea
Tamora > exactly
OzaLoni > tam stfu
Tamora > the list goes on
Tamora > hahah
Tamora > caybn is always at it.
Tamora > as is cleist. i get at least 1 convo a night
Caybn E'vangel > huh?
Tamora > ;)
Ria Sotori > kaanan has perpetual wood
Mi Sohorny > lol
Z'kario > /emote backs up slowly
Tamora > yeah i heard he had a U shaped desk
Tamora > hahahahah
BlackRain > "ridiculously horny" doesnt only apply to games.. i was like that before I played online games :)
SuperShopper > stop putting viagars in his vodka then
Lukia > holy unorganized fighting batman
OzaLoni > i think we have a spy from the mgrl in the corp, eh tam!
Lukia > ffs this gang sux0rs
Tamora > me - id fuck a draw if it was half open tbh ;)
BlackRain > that doesnt mean I'd give stuff to shemales ingame
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