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KnightStar > CCP installed a patch, again. they destroy everything
Keltwarrior > lol
rocka > what the hell was that
CRUSH3R > drunk GMs? :))
l3VGV > i dont get it. casefire?
rocka > you can´t shoot anyone
wierchas noobhunter > dude servers was on fire
l3VGV > look like flashzed shoot GM`s friend ratlsnake in belt )
l3VGV > O_O
l3VGV > sure?
wierchas noobhunter > yeah
wierchas noobhunter > its was big panic tbh
wierchas noobhunter > full forums
wierchas noobhunter > omgomgwaht we gona do etc
l3VGV > O.o
wierchas noobhunter > looks like tomb loost his right leg tho
Basilii > lol
wierchas noobhunter > he is now in hospital
Basilii > ahah
rocka > anyone got 150 mm projectiles tech 2 in fat that they can sell me?
wierchas noobhunter > ccp thinks that it was terorist atack tbh
Paspartu > V3-Y Acsedant gang.. 2-220 ships.. 13 Battleships
Paspartu > 20-22 ships
Kazim > wierchas wtf are you on about?
wierchas noobhunter > joke dude :)
Breki > that needs to be omgrawr'd :D
Breki > pure quality
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