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Ryan Ewans > /emote waves hello to everyone
Pliskkenn > o/ eats Ryans hands so he can never wave again
Chadamu Kinaksaka > O/ passes the salt to Plisken
Ryan Ewans > /emote grows a new one, what being troll and all
Pliskkenn > But I've already has my 6 grams :/
Pliskkenn > Your a troll? COOL
Ryan Ewans > hehe
Pliskkenn > Give me your powers!
Ryan Ewans > bah
Pliskkenn > Without sodomy!
Ryan Ewans > /emote makes Pliskkenn's nose grow to thrice the size, sproting warts and lush hair
Pliskkenn > /emote uses Oil of Olay to make it dissapear
Ryan Ewans > haha
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