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Johnster > what are you talking to rile about vache?
vache > about you :)
Xandiar > ooh, secrets
Xandiar > :D
Morgawer > lol
Cherok > haha
vache > yeah, that shut ya up lol
Johnster > yay
Xandiar > heh
Morgawer > lol
Johnster > /emote likes being the topic of conversation
Johnster > /emote is a the best topic.
Morgawer > oook now
Johnster > haha
Johnster > actually if theya re talking about me then they must be pretty bored
vache > we're talking about our favourite boy bands and how which shopping malls we like to go to!
Xandiar > awesome
Morgawer > lol
Johnster > hehe
Morgawer > for a second i read sleeping malls
Xandiar > haha
Cherok > i wish nsync would come back
Morgawer > rofl
Johnster > /emote slaps cherok
Johnster > wake up damn it
Xandiar > chickfight!
Xandiar > oh, i said that out loud
Xandiar > :P
Cherok > lol
vache > lol
Cherok > Rile prefer backstreet boys
vache > how did you know that?
Cherok > he told me :P
vache > we had a fight earlier about who was better, backstreet boys or U2
Xandiar > heh
Cherok > lol
Johnster > u2
Johnster > /emote waits for the wrath of rile
Johnster > .. at least older u2
vache > he's currently training cheerleader to lvl5 so he can do the splits like the backstreet boys
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