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Quarren > azia, can I have a word with you?
Azia Burgi > you may
Quarren > the stickykeys conversation just had to get on
Azia Burgi > what?
Quarren >
Azia Burgi > heh
Azia Burgi > what about it?
Quarren > just had to post it huh? :p
Azia Burgi > by entering the channel you give me the right to make you feel foolish
Quarren > anyways... had fun picking on rodge yesterday :)
Azia Burgi > oh?
Quarren > he didn't catch the significance of me kissing him square on the mouth.... :)
Azia Burgi > wtf
Quarren > guess some people just need the decapitated horse's head :)
Azia Burgi > judas kissed jesus on the cheek
Azia Burgi > if thats what your refering to
Quarren > yea, this is more of an italian thing
Azia Burgi > sounds more of a gay thing tbh
Azia Burgi > but i am glad your working on BoB-PoS relations
Azia Burgi > although making out with rodge maybe going a bit far
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