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zhencha2 > This place may see the fight frequently, therefore I like here very much, may the clear onlooking fight picture, I be the trumpet, even if has the pirate to be interested to me I not to fear is killed
Gondul > I see. Well, it's good to watch fights, especially if theres a lot of them...
Gondul > and I mean, you hang out here a lot, that must mean it's totally worth it :)
zhencha2 > This game is the fight scene extremely attracts me, but the repugnant pirate always pursues we such trumpet, large-scale fights I not to be able to see, I only can by such way onlooking fight picture. I always enjoy
Gondul > ah, me too! I mean, why play the game when you can sit far away and watch other play the game?
zhencha2 > The death space entrance can appear some fights frequently, because the death space is thinking the money and the equipment, therefore here is some pans for gold the human and pirate's heaven, fights is not has frequently, but so long as has the patienc...
Izo Alabaster > acht so
Gondul > so, what you're basically is waiting for good fights to occure, and then you watch them?
zhencha2 > Y
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