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Nisse Owned > Damn noob ships, Caldari navy logisticd support does NOT mean ibis parking :P
Dante Chusuk > isn't that YOUR ibis TD?
Tolin Dorden > no mine's bigger
Dante Chusuk > your ibis is bigger or you have a bigger ibis parking lot
Uber Amos > .. or both?
Uber Amos > ... or neither? :P
Tolin Dorden > my ibis's bigger
Tolin Dorden > I've plated it
Dante Chusuk > gold plated?
Tolin Dorden > then I pulled a cargo extender over it so it won't get std's
Uber Amos > ... enamel plated?
nah for the plating I used an old dried up wanksock... gives it super
resistans, makes it stick to the ship... and..... scares people away
Dante Chusuk > so does the mould on it i heard
Tolin Dorden > yeah but that's just because I haven't washed it for a couple of months... adds flavor
Dante Chusuk > the sock that is .. can't comment on the state of your ibis
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