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Henry Fredyericus > got the gallente cruiser at level 5 already ?
Bartop > yes, I trained it when I was away on a job last year
Bartop > It's nice like that, none of the boring wait; just set training, go away to the sun for a few weeks and come back to completed skills
Henry Fredyericus > yeah :)
Bartop > of course it does mean training wifey to change skills at the right time, but thats not too hars
Bartop > hard
Henry Fredyericus > marriage command at level 3
Henry Fredyericus > atleast
Bartop > lol, maybe 2 ;~}
Henry Fredyericus > heh heh depends on the targets sensor strenght :)
Henry Fredyericus > I still have 29 days left for the cruiser
Bartop > it's a matter of keeping the faction standing fairly high, must keep doing the wife missions, that way you can spend the lp on nights in the pub and skill changeing
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