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<ZamZa Koverts> Jove: "Right, fuck you shits. We dicovered how to get to Earth and you're not fucking coming with us."

*Jove has quit the game
*Jove's Earth gate has quit the game

Factions: Well shit.

<ZamZa Koverts> Caldari: "Hey! Check out the shit they left behind!
Gallente: "AWESOME!!"
Minmatar: "Can I have some!?"
Caldari: "Uhh, yeah...have this bit"
Minmatar: "YEAH!!!" *Gaffa tapes it to ship*

<ZamZa Koverts>Amarr: "You should all be bowing down to us."
Gallente: "Yeah? Fuck you. We've got the shit. You haven't"
Caldari: "LOL, you're too slow bitch."
Everyone: NERF AMARR!

<ZamZa Koverts> Minmatar: "Wait, hold on guys. Do we even NEED to Nerf Amarr? I mean, they're pretty fucking Nerfed already."
Gallente: "LOL, Speak for yourself."
Minmatar: "I fucking hate you all."

<ZamZa Koverts> *Earth has connected
Earth: "Hey guys what's up?"
Caldari: "...Oh."
Gallente: "...My.
Amarr: "EMPEROR."

<ZamZa Koverts> Earth: "..."
Caldari: "Jeez man, you're such a fag."
Earth: "so what's goin' on? You wanna come over to my place?"
Gallente: "FUCKING YES!!!"
Earth: "That's cool, you've got to do something for me first though."

<ZamZa Koverts> Gallente: "... What?"
Earth: "You and Caldari, HAVE TO KISS EACH OTHER!!"
Caldari: "What the fuck man."
Gallente: "Yeah man, what the fuck?"
<ZamZa Koverts> Earth: "Hey, do you want to come over or what?"
Gallente: "..."
Caldari: "..."
Gallente: "Well..."
Minmatar: "I WANNA WATCH."

<ZamZa Koverts> Gallente: "Ooh!"
Caldari: "Hey, uh..."
Gallente: "Mmm, baby."
Caldari: "Stop that."
Gallente: "Stop what baby?"
Caldari: "This'd better be fucking worth it."

<ZamZa Koverts> *Earth Has changed name to Jove
Jove: "Lolz just J/k guys."
Gallente: " Wha, WHAT!?"
Amarr: "Whoa! Gay love."
Caldari: "SHUT UP YOU FAG!!"
Minmatar: "Fucking hot."
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