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DisturbdGuy > i've been missin running in Orvolle :
John Dean > orvolle?
DisturbdGuy > quite
John Dean > isnt that high sec?
DisturbdGuy > 0.7
John Dean > o.O
John Dean > i havent been to a high sec system in like 3 months
DisturbdGuy > a sad testiment to the lack of pwnage i've been experiencing :(
John Dean > lol
DisturbdGuy > i'm a pirate that can go into high sec without people even raising an eyebrow...i am ashamed...
John Dean > lmao
John Dean > only way i can go to high sec is with alts
DisturbdGuy > i can even go into 0.8. and if i was 0.4 higher in my rating i'd get into 0.9 :'(
DisturbdGuy > me...i must pwn otherwise i'll just be...dun dun dunnnn...a pretend pirate
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