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Kalypso Boo > stabz......ewww
Kalypso Boo > every time you fit a stab a kittin dies
Cherry Boo > then there will be lots of spare rugs around when im done
Kalypso Boo > eeeep
Kalypso Boo > /emote runs to save the kittens
Cherry Boo > i take it you like kittens?
Kalypso Boo > they aer so fuzzey how cant yo uliek them?......
Tomac Hawloid > I HATE KITTENS AND CATS dam gaurdians of the underworld they be!
Cherry Boo > guradians of the underworld!
Cherry Boo > 2 stabs, i mining upgrade i think would do it
Kalypso Boo > /emote watches 2 kittens walking down the street pop
Kalypso Boo > NOOOO!
Cherry Boo > what?
Kalypso Boo > you fited 2 stabs....
Kalypso Boo > 2 kittens go pop
Cherry Boo > i havent fitted them yet
Cherry Boo > i am thinking of fitting it
Kalypso Boo > ahhh i see
Cherry Boo > so those kitties are ok
Kalypso Boo > /emote watches the kitens reasemble them-selvs like the termanator
Kalypso Boo > such is the way of the warp core stableisers and the kittens......
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