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Waylon Jennings > Hello,only my 1st week and I am looking around to see if this is for me or not. Shouldn;t I wait for a few more wks before leaving my 1st placing?
Tareen Kashaar > nah, just go ahead and do whatever you want :)
Tareen Kashaar > you're free in eve o/
* Sandeep went to rancer the first few days
* Tareen Kashaar went to EVE Uni after 1 week
Tiras Mar > talk about stepping into the fire
* Ubercado went to 0.0 and promtly sent back to starting station via clone activation =P
Tareen Kashaar > I got podded some 4h into eve
Tareen Kashaar > by someone I'm [+] with now ^^
Ubercado > but, knowing you, you probably deserved it =P
* Iyumi went into salvaging and made millions in her first week
Tareen Kashaar > hehe
Tareen Kashaar > I was afk traveling in my pod
Tareen Kashaar > and went through a pirate hotspot
Tareen Kashaar > way to go, tareen :D
Ubercado > can you say "target" ?
Tareen Kashaar > yup
Iyumi > ROFL
Tareen Kashaar > I woke up in station, thinking "oh cool, didn't know the autopilot docks you too"
Tareen Kashaar > and then I wondered "where's my ship?"
Ubercado > lol
Tareen Kashaar > and then I realized "wait, this is the wrong station"
Tareen Kashaar > and THEN I saw my evemail flashing
Iyumi > lol
Iyumi > ahahahahahah
Ubercado > ah, to be young and have cheap clones again
Tareen Kashaar > hehe
Iyumi > ahh my stomach hurts ... so much laughing..
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