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Azia Burgi > GAH!
Cyclops43 > ?
Devlin Fox > ??
Azia Burgi > i have spent all evening looking for my copy of dreamweaver
Azia Burgi > its the LAST bloody CD that i pick up
Devlin Fox > LOL
Cyclops43 > Of.c. Mr.Murphy makes sure that's the way it is....
Devlin Fox > Yeah. Mr Murphy is a bastard!
Azia Burgi > now i'm too drunk to be arsed to do any work...
Azia Burgi > SHIT
Azia Burgi > i just ejected the CD mid install thinking "i'll install HL2 while thats installing..."
Azia Burgi > not realising i only have 1 optical drive....
Cyclops43 > *lol* Never drink and drive (a PC)
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