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CarmaComa > My CEO sold my soul for a Civilian Shield booster on the Jita Market... >.<
Redroth Firewall > lol
Rooker > lol
Redroth Firewall > you lucky peep lol
Fannie Toosh > lol@carma .... wow ur worth that much!
Redroth Firewall > ROLF
DJ DAMAGE > /emote 1,2 steps
CarmaComa > im flattered.
CarmaComa > or flattened... I cant decide
Redroth Firewall > lol
Redroth Firewall > the latter i recon
Fannie Toosh > lol u wanna be could have been worse he could have traded u for an exotic dancer
CarmaComa > I didnt even get a T-Shirt
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