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Dark Hunterj > was about to belive that i was the only guy with hair.... then I loaded Don's avatar :))
Don Corney > so.. mission is over, salvaging time, then mining time
Dark Hunterj > at least from the guys I talked to..
Remco Dekker > hehehe, must be the vacuum of space thats bad for the hair or something
Erik Erikson > Nah I don't like the pod go in my hair :-)
Dark Hunterj > /emote is scarred of the radion of that nuclear reactor he has on his ship..
Dark Hunterj > *radiation
Dark Hunterj > And the Dominix is an old and rusty ship as told in it's description
Remco Dekker > :) now you know how you will look if you keep flying that rustbin
Erik Erikson > It you turn of the light does it go dark in your ship Dark??
Dark Hunterj > well there are some parts that have a weird green and blue glow
Erik Erikson > Then you might want to check the reactor shielding :-)
Remco Dekker > /emote doesnt want to know what parts, really
Dark Hunterj > it has to be ok, i mean the guy that soled it to me said it is as good as new...
Erik Erikson > Did he still have all his hair??
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