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ZabloN > WTS Learn how to Scam like the Pros Volume 1! Learn the art of the Freeform, The switchback, The Noob Screw and many many more! Get your copy for 500k isk! Proven methods that work!
Dronen > are you serious mate?
ZabloN > of course!
Dronen > lol give me a prieview
ZabloN > sorry no freebies....there's no way to "preview" a scam
ZabloN > but its only 500k,mere pennies for a landfall of profit possibilities
Dronen > hmm, i dont think so seems fishy mate
ZabloN > well of course it does, we're talking scams here, not exactly highly looked upon
ZabloN > but why should they have all the fun, when you too could be raking in millions of isk an hour
Dronen > give me an example of how to scam like in a contract how would i go about doing that?
ZabloN > thats not how it works m8! i have to make a living too! i can't give all my secrets away for free
Dronen > ok 500k there ya go...
Dronen > wait, did you just scam me? or doy ou really have something to teach me?
ZabloN > why yes i do!
ZabloN > what you just learned was the Noob Screw
ZabloN > thats trademarked btw, use it on your friends
Dronen > nice, i though you would scam me, i have enough isk, good job though
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