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KSUDruid > whoops
KSUDruid > that's a bitch
Sylva Moon > ROFL
Marz > just got back in after a couple months away. WTF hit me?
KSUDruid > my probe
KSUDruid > had a tech3 dual light pulse laser
archangel sean > um..marz you dead already?
Marz > a probe can destoy a bs that fast?
Sylva Moon > yeah dude....they are wicked
archangel sean > damn
Marz > pulling my leg right?
archangel sean > and we came 3 jumps for you
Marz > oh well, aint like i dont have billions
Calanen > excuse me mr mars, can u please direct me to the DDC pos.......i hear u know where it is?
KSUDruid > so how much does your logs say you got hit for anyway?
archangel sean > make sure their pos is not set to 'shoot all but same corp'
KSUDruid > i'm kinda curious
Marz > heh, so thats what that was
archangel sean > lol
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