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teini > i dont have patience to run aroudn looking for missions o.0
Kuno Hida > but mining is too slow...oh...and those'll look at later... :P
teini > what?
teini > i just ddidnt feel like... writting it down
teini > copy / paste odenst work in this game... lol
teini > whats up with that?
Kuno Hida > Yeah it does. Even on a mac.
teini > it copys... but wont paste anywhere other htan the game
teini > on wintendo at least...
teini > wonder why yours works...?
Kuno Hida > /emote switches to the character on his other win box
teini > it work?
Gheimhreadh > like a champ. use the right-click menus
teini > i did lol
teini > holly crap it works now o.0
teini > i got frusted as hell last time
Gheimhreadh > /emote patches the ID-10+ drivers
Gheimhreadh > :P
teini > ?
teini > id-10+?
Kuno Hida > Yep. Sarcasm.
teini > i dont get it lol
Kuno Hida > Please be kidding.
teini > no... i realyl dont gt it
Gheimhreadh > one sec. I'll explain. omgrawr'd
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