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Aduna > hey mirel
Aduna > stfu and go fuck your sister
Aduna > :)
mirel yirrin > NO
mirel yirrin > SHUT UP
mirel yirrin > FUCK OFF
Freyjan > ill fuck her
mirel yirrin > DIE IN A PLANE FIRE
Freyjan > wait you have a sister?
Freyjan > no mirel
Freyjan > chemical fire
Freyjan > CHEMICAL
Freyjan > or grease
mirel yirrin > a very young, jailbait sister >_>
Freyjan > nice
Freyjan > pix plz?
Freyjan > linky linky
mirel yirrin > and every single fucking person in this fucking corp is obsessed with fucking her for some reason!
mirel yirrin > You bunch of sick bastards!
Freyjan > my friend once made a comment about how he'd fuck my sister
Freyjan > this was at a party we were having
Rhodey > She sounds like the girl from harry potter! ITS HAWT
Freyjan > this is before he knew i had one, actually
mirel yirrin > Come back in four years you Cock-juggling thundercunts !
Freyjan > so I shout back to him (truthfully).....
Freyjan > DUDE she's SEVEN!!!
Freyjan > and he's like OH MY GOD
mirel yirrin > WIN!
Freyjan > everyone sorta laughs at him and calls him a pedo for a week
mirel yirrin > afk watching vindicator movie
Freyjan > it was hysterical =)
Aduna > mirel, chalk up another omgrawr entry
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