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Edgard Clochard > Seems like it's not possible to find sweat pants / thermal underwear with attatched socks.
Seth Allasatre > dude. no man should wear something with built in footies.
Edgard Clochard > -_-
Edgard Clochard > If you were me, you would.
Seth Allasatre > we're revoking your man card.
Edgard Clochard > Half the time when I wake up in the morning my socks are gone and my pants are halfway up to my knees.
Seth Allasatre > I sleep naked.
Seth Allasatre > :D
syphurous > /emote blocks channel
Seth Allasatre > lol
syphurous > OMGRAWR ?
syphurous > /emote opens browser
Edgard Clochard > -_-
Edgard Clochard > Please don't omgrawr this.
Edgard Clochard > It's not worthy.
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