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[CRC]Conuion> Wait, what are we doing?
<Virtuozzo> you're fast this evening :/
<Virtuozzo> my thread got nerfed within 3 minutes
<OneiroMeph> *pew pew*
<OneiroMeph> What thread?
<[BH]Caleo> they're hungry, working hard to earn dinner
<Virtuozzo> good thing though, as I though it was within context, but actually rather way outside
<[CRC]Conuion> I blame Serathu by default
<Virtuozzo> you have to be BOB or vicitim of BOB to understand the reference though :P
<OneiroMeph> Errr
<[CRC]Conuion> I know the reference
<OneiroMeph> Who's Pink Thong?
<[CRC]Conuion> and I'm neither
<[CRC]Conuion> SamuraiJack
<OneiroMeph> The cartoon caracter?
<Virtuozzo> oh crap, it's spread outside those ranks?
<[CRC]Conuion> He promised that if ASCN lost the war, he would post a picture of himself in a pink Thong
<Virtuozzo> um no
<[CRC]Conuion> He was a CLS director iirc
<Virtuozzo> look up the bio of samuraijack in game
<Virtuozzo> he still has the link there I think
<OneiroMeph> I can't login
<Virtuozzo> otherwise ...
<OneiroMeph> Meph has taken over the PC
<OneiroMeph> I'm banished to use the laptop
<[CRC]Conuion> That's why you have your fancy new hybrid nick...
<Virtuozzo> lol
<Virtuozzo> "A merger of the third kind" :P
<OneiroMeph> Tbh, he looks quite hot in that thong
<Virtuozzo> ....
<OneiroMeph> Whaaaat?
<Virtuozzo> please
<Virtuozzo> bad visuals
<OneiroMeph> Oh well, I suppose you have to be a girl to understand the reference
<Virtuozzo> Sj in that pink thong nearly killed the whole war by leaving no survivors with intact eyesight
<Virtuozzo> heh
<OneiroMeph> Now now, don't make me post the second most awful black metal pic ever...
<Virtuozzo> ow come one, you know you want to
<OneiroMeph> Actually, no. It's really horrible
<OneiroMeph> But if you insist....
<Virtuozzo> I do insist
<Virtuozzo> if only to recover from another Sj Pink Thong Trauma
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