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Mystry > if someone steals from you how do you get notified?
Hidden Promise > the police knock on the door
Eris Cstasy > and say something like '**** ******' you're under arrest for possession of controlled substances, DVD and video game piracy and criminal damage.'
Eris Cstasy > and then i say something like 'OH SHIT' and run like hell
Hidden Promise > am i in the right room???
Mystry > Any know how you get notified if someone steals from you? How long kill rights are set for?
Hidden Promise > sorry no... try checking your kill list?
funktuation > i think if you hit ctrl+q it gives you a hud listing of current kill rights.
Mystry > Yea, but wondered if there was a popup... thnx anyway.
Hidden Promise > kill rights is on the lieft in your character sheet
funktuation > did that work mystry?
funktuation > lol i think it did
Hidden Promise > meh i want to play, but i have to do a massage soon :( no rest for the wicked...
Eris Cstasy > note to self: ctrl+q is for quit, do not push it
Hidden Promise > LOL
funktuation > my work here is done :P
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