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Gunz4Hire > GF :)
Zhaymus Hockhold > Thanks
Zhaymus Hockhold > That's all I really wanted, didn't even use my scram
Gunz4Hire > My bad - Try'd to vary dist. from usual ....that made me :|
Zhaymus Hockhold > meh I had my second BCU offlined to keep the cpu for a scram
Gunz4Hire > U got into my hull .... Now i gotta use time to fix that :D
Gunz4Hire > But thnx for the fight anyway - was a learning as allways :)
Zhaymus Hockhold > Thank you, that couldn't have gone better, we both had fun
Gunz4Hire > Yeah :D
Avaricia > jesus fucking christ, is this woodstock? kill eachother, squish the pod, and shut up already
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