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Azia Burgi > according to einstein its like a big rubber sheet
Azia Burgi > with weights on it
Azia Burgi > or something
Omantus > oh. not like the rubber sheet on my bed then
Azia Burgi > TMI! TMI!!!!!
Pegasus TG > err, no
Omantus > whew. would hate to think I was sometimes pi**ing all over the universe
Azia Burgi > the bigger the weight (celestial body) the more it distorts the rubber sheet (space-time continuum)
Pegasus TG > works for the bed too
Omantus > ....
Omantus > u calling me fat Azia?
Pegasus TG > hmm
Azia Burgi > no comment
Omantus > :(
Azia Burgi > "your so fat you warp time and space!"
Omantus > ....
Monty Haul > Rubber sheet analogy is no good; it presupposes a force
Omantus > is gravity not a force?
Azia Burgi > but it works when explaining stuff to physics n00bs
Monty Haul > Gravity is obviously a force. A rubber sheet is not a good description
Morat Starhopper > rubber sheet was to explain gravity forces
Pegasus TG > actually I think rubber sheet was on his bed
Monty Haul > Haha!
Monty Haul > Score
Morat Starhopper > that wasnt mentioned at school
Azia Burgi > well until they invent a 3D rubber sheet to demonstrate how gravity distorts space i'm sticking to the 2d rubber sheet
Azia Burgi > no wait!
Pegasus TG > lol
Azia Burgi > ignore the last line
Omantus > ewwww
Azia Burgi > /emote shudderrs
Pegasus TG > too late, way too late
Azia Burgi > i feel dirty now...
Pegasus TG > rofl
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