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Fang Khan > Heh! Look at the prices of Sacrilege!
*Fang Khan starts training the appropriate skillz
Davion Vrynn > prices up or down?
Fang Khan > Doubled
Davion Vrynn > I'm assuming up due to speculation...
Fang Khan > Roughly 2x
Davion Vrynn > lovely... should have bought one when they were cheap... >.<
Davion Vrynn > ....not that I can fly one
Fang Khan > ?
Fang Khan > Of course you can fly one
Davion Vrynn > no... no I can't
Davion Vrynn > Amarr frigate IV
Fang Khan > Can you fly a Zealot?
Fang Khan > Sacrilege is a HAC
Davion Vrynn > Oh
Davion Vrynn > Erm
Davion Vrynn > Right
Davion Vrynn > I knew that, of course
Davion Vrynn > Just testing you
Fang Khan > I smelled a test as soon as ye spake
Davion Vrynn > Seeing if you would fall for my implication that it was an interceptor
Fang Khan > ((Malediction))
Davion Vrynn > Hush
Fang Khan > ((Vengeance and Heretic are the other two Khanid ships))
Davion Vrynn > ((Why are we talking in OOC brackets in an OOC channel?))
Fang Khan > ((AF and interdictor))
Fang Khan > ((Because I don't want to embarass you in front of your friends))
Davion Vrynn > But they can still read this....
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