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Gen Maximus > when i was in afghanistan the kids were everywhere. always askig nfor shit.
Gen Maximus > so some of the lads gave em satchels of sugar.
Gen Maximus > they loved it
Gen Maximus > then.. we ran out.. so one of my boys gave a kid a satchel of salt.
Gen Maximus > kid threw it into his mouth and nearly spewed
Gen Maximus > comedy gold i tell you.
MrTiddles > ROFL
MrTiddles > sooo mean
hippychick > oh taht is wo wrong
Gen Maximus > not as wrong as teachin thme ot speak english
MrTiddles > lol
MrTiddles > 'bet that was a good time
Gen Maximus > we had em saying ( toms.. a bloke in my section ) " uncle tomsy touched me "
hippychick > lol the wrods in there arsenal xxx rateed
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