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Number 25 > and then yesterday we remembered we had a couple condoms left
Number 25 > heeheehee....that inspired much fun :)
little gurlygirl > yeah
little gurlygirl > i need to buy some more
little gurlygirl > you know you can order them off of
Number 25 > had been a while since she got to feel me inside her.....the whole time
Number 25 > hahaha....can you order them in bulk?
Number 25 > then i'd be happy :)
little gurlygirl > its like a 24 big pack
Number 25 > not big enough
little gurlygirl > just google bulk condoms or something
little gurlygirl >
little gurlygirl > 108 packs
Number 25 > might last me a little while
little gurlygirl > just gonna get the 24 pack cause i get random sex...not consistant use 2 or 3 condoms a day kinda thing
Number 25 > hey....i'm not windsurfing anymore....gotta keep in shape somehow
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