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<%Nybbas> woah woah
<%Nybbas> wait
<%Nybbas> they go through all this shit
<%Nybbas> to get "caps on the front lines"
<%Nybbas> and now they want to nerf carriers
<Levin> yes
<%Nybbas> to remove them from said front lines?
<%Nybbas> wtf
<Levin> and not just nerf them
<Levin> but nerf them bayond usefulness
<Levin> beyond*
<%Nybbas> what is it exactly they are trying to do?
<Levin> idk
<Levin> its a horrible idea
<Levin> i blame the goons
<Levin> if they hadnt exposed the devs in bob
<Levin> then ccp would still be playing eve
<Levin> and wouldnt be so out of touch
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