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<Mud_Pandemonium> Lemme put it this way.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Your average MMO.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Let's say WoW.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Is a print of the Mona Lisa
<Mud_Pandemonium> Not the original, just a print on posterboard.
<Mud_Pandemonium> EVE is like.. a sculpture, that's never going to be finished.
<Mud_Pandemonium> A mistake here, a fix there, an addition here, a subtraction there, constantly evolving.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Adding new clay to a statue.
<Mud_Pandemonium> Sometimes, the devs accidently add a phallus.
<Mud_Pandemonium> But thats what makes EVE so interesting.
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