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<Cro_Magnus> what I don't get is why people bother with "mm" as a caliber after 1000... I mean... 1400mm, why not call it "Mobile car launcher" and have done with it?
<Cro_Magnus> 1400mm shells basically equate to the ship firing volksvagens at high speed
<Cro_Magnus> knowing minmatar that's probably what they *are* firing too
<Wrangler> except they are projectiles, not cars, and explosive
<Cro_Magnus> car @ several thousand meters per second = projectile
<Cro_Magnus> car loaded with fuel impacting ship = explosive
<Cro_Magnus> your point?
<Fenria> GAAAAH Captain... there is a beetle heading our way at 18kps
<Wrangler> OMG! We're being attacked by volkswagens!"!
* Wrangler fires counter measure trabants
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