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Jungle Jim > bastards
Jungle Jim > no jelly beans for u bitches
Levitikon > lol
meowcat > i bought a big bag of yank jelly babies once, and they had artificial sweeteners in, which was also a mild laxitive... my (ex) gf ate loads of them and shat herself in the cinema
meowcat > i'd forgotten all about that
Levitikon > nice girl
Crimson Smith > pmsl
Jungle Jim > roflmao
Zzazzt > rofl
Jungle Jim > i'm glad its an ex
meowcat > its all coming flooding back to me
Crimson Smith > it's the caruba wax on the outside- you've got to watch out for that stuff
Zzazzt > did you take the obvious opportunity? :D
Jungle Jim > she was nice and wet ready for u then
meowcat > pffffft
Levitikon > mmmm - shitty cock
Crimson Smith > that an impression of her Meow?
Zzazzt > lol
Levitikon > you gotta make sure you scrape around the helmet after or it can stay there for days..
meowcat > heh
meowcat > i cant take any more
Jungle Jim > was she ginger too?
meowcat > no she was mostly brown
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