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<@Ztrain> That's just awesom
<@Ztrain> I had to explain to a kid that they were banned from the premasis and if I see them again I'll call the cops and charge them with tresspassing.
<@Ztrain> The kid responded with I don't care if I get arrested.
<@Ztrain> My response,"sweet!!! Neither do I!"
<@Havocide`> Ztrain u should have shot him like a true american would
<@Ztrain> I didn't have my cross bow on me or the temptation would have been there.
<@Ztrain> No it's a little chick and her two friends.
<@Ztrain> I refer to them as prostatots.
<@Havocide`> o.o
<@Ztrain> Little hookers in the making.
<@Havocide`> i got it
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